New Advanced Touch Screen Controller with USB Port

Helps make your operation run more efficiently and saves you time.

NEW from ThermalRite - Advanced Touch Screen Controller with Convenient USB Port increases your efficiency! Advanced Touch Screen Controller on easy-to-operate control panel comes complete with a USB port for downloading the information you need to make your kitchen operations run more smoothly. The USB Port is positioned on the front of the unit for easy access. Using the USB Port, you can download and upload HACCP data, programs, and parameters to help streamline your operations. The new advanced touch screen controller with USB port is available as an option on all roll-in models.

The New Advanced Touch Screen Device can control these five defined cycles:

  1. Soft Chilling Mode
  2. Hard Chilling Mode
  3. Blast Freezing Mode
  4. Soft Freezing Mode
  5. Thawing Cycle (an option to be available soon)

The Digital Controller offers three status options:

  1. “Stand-by” Mode - the unit is off - it is not possible to perform any kind of cycle in this mode.
  2. “On” Mode - the unit is switched on, waiting for the selection of the cycle to be made on the touch screen.
  3. “Run” Mode - the unit is performing a cycle.

New Advanced Touch Screen Controller Functions include:

  1. Pre-cooling
  2. HACCP Alarms
  3. Up to 99 customized recipe programs
  4. Single point core probe or Multi-point Core Probe
  5. Optional heated core probe - to ease probe insertion and removal
  6. Capability to interface with a supervision system
  7. USB Port with convenient front access for downloading and uploading HACCP data, programs, parameters, and more.
  8. UVC Lamp
  9. Advanced diagnostics available to help analyze function and efficiency

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