Environmental and Corporate Responsibility

At Thermalrite, we are committed to delivering value to the customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and communities in which we operate. Part of this commitment is the adoption of sustainable business practices and manufacturing techniques, which reduce our impact on the environment.

As a market leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers, we are pioneering initiatives, which are significantly reducing: energy consumption at all of our manufacturing and office facilities, greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of the planet’s raw material resources.

These initiatives form the basis of Thermalrite’s Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP), which has been implemented throughout each business unit to help reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers meet their on-going environmental objectives, including to:

  • Meet and exceed the Energy Independence and Security Act 2009, Section 312, requirements for walk-ins
  • Produce high performance products which deliver reduced energy consumption and contribute to a marked reduction in carbon emissions
  • Use environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques
  • Recycle a high proportion of manufacturing materials
  • Inform and influence employees and suppliers on the importance of environmental responsibility
  • Continue to develop and refine Thermalrite’s ESP, through an on-going process of assessment, throughout all of our business units
  • Provide our customers with superior insulating materials, up to 40% more efficient than extruded polystyrene

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Environmental and Corporate Responsibility

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