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There are those who say pizza-making is indeed an art form requiring remarkable sensitivity to timing, touch, and temperatures, as well as taste. Creating world class pizzas starts with the preparation of the dough - an art in itself. The right ingredients must be properly combined, mixed, stretched and shaped. No matter whether the pizza is going to be thick or thin, many claim that using a granite top table makes all the difference. Ambient dough drawers (optional) allow for fermentation - every chef has a unique approach to deciding how long is just right! Toppings are best, they say, kept close at hand, applied in carefully considered combinations.

The wide selection of Cold Prep Tables/Pizza provides outstanding solutions for making the finest pizzas in an efficiently organized space. Designed and manufactured in Italy of the finest materials, all units offer ergonomic features to increase user productivity. All units offer ample under-the-counter refrigerated storage, an easy-to-use electronic control panel, and lockable casters to keep the unit in place during use. Optional features include, granite top, ambient temperature dough drawers, and an elevated, refrigerated ingredients rail with protective sneeze guard.

Choosing the right model from the wide range of Cold Prep Tables/Pizza requires careful evaluation and planning. But every model features its highly rated, slide-out refrigeration system which is easy to maintain as well as energy-efficient, oversized, and balanced to delivery quick recovery and maintain high quality. All Cold Prep Tables/Pizza focus on the latest technology and high quality materials and components. For instance, all units feature AISI 304 Grade Stainless Steel interior and exterior (except for galvanized steel exterior bottom).

Cold Prep Tables/Pizza meet the demands of HACCP. They offer reliable product temperatures, lower utility costs, and the ability to adhere to food safety standards. We stands behind these products with a 2-year Parts and Labor Warranty and an additional warranty for years 3-5 on the compressor (part only).

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